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I recommend this book for anyone in a loving, committed relationship in which there is a reliance on income - large or small - to make a living or retirement possible.

Fortunately for me, my husband and I do share information about finances - but even as part of a communicative couple, I still took away very valuable lessons and reminders of outstanding and important tasks that will insure both of us are financially secure. This is a book you can take out time and time again to remind you and keep you on track.

Helga's style of writing is so easy, conversive... almost like listening to a dear friend. Before I knew it, I had finished the book and created my tick-list of things still to do.

Buy it and read it - today, and next year and for years to come.

M. J. Hoffman


"Helga Hayse weaves together her personal story with sage advice for women on taking an active role in their own financial future.  Her recommendations are thoughtful, and include some good general tips on how to have a meaningful and productive conversation."

Scott Haltzman, M.D.



 "As a former banker, I can tell you Helga's advice is sound. On a personal note, her way of educating you is encouraging and motivating. You will not be disappointed in this book."

–Cathy Keys



 "What Every Woman Should Know About Her Husband's Finances, but Is Afraid to Ask"

–J. G. Michael



 "I loved the worksheets; they truly enlighten women (single, married, or widowed) to the scope of all financial issues that are very important."

–L. Dischinger



 "I feel so much more in control of my destiny after reading this book."

– Sue Johnson


This book is a page turner. You eagerly follow the author's personal story while learning financial survival skills and information. It teaches you what you need to know and how to practically and lovingly discuss this with your current or future spouse. I highly recommend this book for every woman who is married or planning to get married!

– Roses

Every woman should read this book - it is an easy read and extremely informative. I am amazed at how many successful women I know (some with higher-paying jobs than their husbands), trust their husbands to handle all their financial affairs without full knowledge of the situation. In my family, my father's exact words to my mother were "don't worry about it" and I can't tell you how many times she mentioned how those words made her angry. However, my mother stood her ground and eventually he helped her learn about investments and then they started discussing their investment strategy. Although he still did most of the investments, she was included in the decision-making process. Now after his death 2 years ago, she is handling everything herself but she likes to discuss finances with me - I think she misses the times when she and my father discussed the type of investments they were going to make.

As a former banker, I can tell you Helga's advice is sound. On a personal note, her way of educating you is encouraging and motivating. You will not be disappointed in this book.

– Cathy Keys


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